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Update: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all clothing sold online are not exchangeable or returnable. If you need further advice on the sizes that may suit you better, please feel free to contact us to avoid size changes.

Refund is acceptable if items received from us is damaged & unusable. Buyer must notify us on this incident within 5 days of receiving the items. The returned goods/products will be checked with the receipt together and the goods should be in the good condition. The packaging should also be in original condition in original shipping container as received. If the goods/products has been used or damaged by the customer, there will not be any refund. Kinetix Yoga will also not be responsible if your shipment is lost during the return transit. Once we have checked and confirm the goods/products, customer will received their refund within 3 working days after the confirmation.

Clothing Size Exchange/Return Policy

For apparel/clothing, please understand fully on the measurements by referring to the size chart on product page, and your own body measurements before purchasing. This is to ensure you get a better fit and look great! If you are not sure, please consult us, and we will be glad to help out.

If for any reason the apparel do not fit you, we accept returns for an exchange of another size, provided you contact us to initiate the return process within 5 days of receiving your item(s).

  • Only allowed for clothings priced at RM50(per piece) and above. Price is based on original pricing, before discount(if any).
  • Item(s) must be in it’s original packaging and tags are not removed. Items must be in good condition upon return.
  • Return charges are to be born fully by buyer. Method of return is entirely up you buyer, provided item(s) reaches us in it’s required condition.
  • Upon receiving the items, we will check to ensure the clothing is in it’s original new/good condition as required, and if all checks out, we will then exchange the size and ship back to you without charges.
  • Exchange process will take between 7-10 working days after we receive the return items.
  • No refund will be entertained if you decided to cancel the order after returning the apparel.
  • Exchange for size is limited to ONE time only.
  • Exchange for clothings are only allowed for the same model/design, unless the design & size is not available at our end.
  • If your purchase size is the smallest or the largest available size, and there is no available smaller or larger size, then we are not able to exchange the item. For example, your purchase size is S, and upon receiving you have tried and find S size is still too big for you. So you require a smaller size. However since we do not have a smaller size, then we are not able to exchange this item. Same goes if the item is the largest available size.

Refund & returns will not be accepted on such situations: (For all items, including Yoga mats, props, clothings, such as pants, shirts, tops, sports bra)

  • If item colour tone is slightly different from picture. For example, if a certain clothing has a slightly red when item is received. This may be caused by camera lighting. For example, pictures taken outdoor have a different tone compared to pictures taken indoors with artificial lights.
  • If you do not find the product material(s) to your liking mainly because of lower priced item. We always strive to introduce products that is suitable for users according to their level. However, not all items are made the same quality, especially when we cater to choices of basic up till advance/high quality level. There may be times a purchase is made for a lower priced item, and the expectation is to be a premium quality item. In such case, we will not entertain refunds and returns.
  • Transparency of clothing(s). For example, white clothings such as tight pants may have possibility of transparency which is not within our control. As fabric stretches, there may be tendancy of seeing inner layer of garments.