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About Us


How We Started

At Kinetix Yoga, we started from a humble beginning running an online store from home, and proceeded outdoors into flea markets all around town and figuring out what it takes to deliver a good product. We realize to achieve this, we needed to start from the absolute basic, which is asking the important questions and understanding what it takes to make a Yoga mat personal again. We used the knowledge gained and figured out products that suited to the local market as well as partnering up with trusted manufacturers to market our own range of premium Yoga mats, bags, towels, props.

Throughout the years in this industry, we are able to build a strong network of manufacturing partners which are trusted and proven in terms of product quality. Our unique design in products plus extensive knowledge in material, enables us to use the best and most suitable raw material to produce our end product. This in return means our customers are able to enjoy quality products at an affordable price and with option of customization which is suited for resellers, studio partners as well as corporate clients.

Our signature Kinex High-Grade mats provides one of the best cushioning and grip a Yogi can wish for and is designed to be free from toxic or harmful chemicals, eco Friendly and fully recyclable.

As times change, we have come to realize that a good product can be made affordable as well. This is why many of our products are affordable, and it makes sense to spend wisely especially thru challenging times.

We have also set a focus to constantly work in ensuring our products are environmental friendly and contribute as much as we can in ensuring our future generations live in a cleaner and greener world.

Funding Journey

As any startup require, our business is run solely dependent on bootstrapping and this means expansion have always been a challenge, with limited resources. 

Our participation in funding programs such as MaGIC have thought us important values and strategy in finding investor, presenting strategy and much more.

Journey is still far, but that is what makes entrepreneurship an adventure we look forward to.

Investor Opportunity

In order to grow and expand our network, products and services, we are constantly looking for opportunity to meet and discuss with potential investors that can help us grow further and in return we provide a sensible ROI in their investments.

Kinetix Yoga is owned by: Kulimkia Enterprise (PG0245171-D)

MAGIC Presentation