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Finding That Right Fit

It’s important to know your own body measurements to find the correct sports bra, long pants or tops of your choice.

A few important areas to look at are:
1. Sports bra, tops = Important stats are your bust, waist
2. Long Pants, short pants = Important stats are your waist & hips. However, your hips measurements are more important.

To make it easier, we found a good video which explains the few key areas to measure for such clothings. So, get yourself a measurement tape and find the best fit!
After you have successfully measured your stats, just match it with the product size chart to find your best fit. Also do note that our size chart are mainly in centimeters/cm

This is purely shown as an example on how to determine your size based on the actual measurements you have obtained.

If you are not sure, you can always reach us for consultation. Just hit the contact us button by mail or by Whatsapp.