Aerial Swing Fabric, 5meter


  • Fabric only
  • Multicolour fabric
  • 5meter long x 2.8meter wide
  • Display unit but unused
  • Washed & cleaned

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Aeriel Swing Yoga



Item type: Aeriel Swing Fabric
Material: Smooth Nylon
Size: 5 meter in length x 2.8meter wide
Weight: ~2kg
Thickness: N/A
Usage: Aeriel/Swing Yoga
  • Machine Washable fabric
  • Withstand up to 500kg when assembled properly
  • Suitable for home or studio
  • 5meter long x 2meter wide
Additional Info: Fabric only

May have slight colour bleach during first few washes

For installation, please consult a certified contractor
Important things to note about fixing the swing:
1. A ceiling hook must be in place. Ceiling hook is not included in the swing set. If there is existing hook or ceiling pole in place, then no need to fix ceiling hook.
2. To fix ceiling hook, holes must be drilled into the ceiling. Make sure the ceiling or wood panel chosen is very sturdy and able to support the swing. Ceiling hook can then be fixed into it, make sure it firmly and correctly fixed.
3. Daisy chain strap will then be attached to the ceiling hook.
4. Swing fabric needs to be tied with a slip knot and attached to the carabiner.
5. The tied swing fabric+carabiner, is then needed to be attached to the daisy chain. Daisy chain comes with multiple holes to adjust to your wanted height.

Most of all, all safety measurements must be taken when installing the swing. Safety first!

Note on fabric and care:
For first time usage, the fabric may experience a little stretch. This is normal for such fabric. With second or third usage, the stretch will come to a stop.
To wash the fabric, it is recommended to use cold water and on gentle spin cycle.

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Weight 2 kg
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