Aerial Swing Fabric, Multi Colour


  • Fabric only
  • Multi colour fabric
  • 5meter long x 2.8meter wide
  • Bulk purchase available
  • Longer length available


Item type: Aeriel Swing Fabric
Material: Tricot Nylon (parachute grade)
Size: 5 meter in length x 2.8meter wide
Weight: ~2kg
Thickness: N/A
Usage: Aeriel/Swing Yoga
  • Machine Washable fabric
  • Multicolour fabric
  • Withstand up to 500kg when assembled properly
  • Suitable for home or studio
  • 5meter long x 2meter wide
Additional Info: Fabric only
Can order longer, up to 10meters.Note on fabric and care:
For first time usage, the fabric may experience a little stretch. This is normal for such fabric. With second or third usage, the stretch will come to a stop.
To wash the fabric, it is recommended to use cold water and on gentle spin cycle.

Fabric Colour Coding:

Weight 2 kg


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