TPE Workout Mat


  • General workout mat
  • 183cm x 61cm
  • 6mm thickness
Item type: Yoga & Workout Mat
Material: TPE, dual layer
Length: 183cm
Width: 61cm
Thickness: 6mm
Weight: 1.0kg
  • Good cushioning and grip
  • Suitable for starters, beginners in Yoga
  • Suitable for general workout
  • Can be used as outdoor mat, picnic mat, general use mat
  • Water resistant surface
  • Lightweight
Remarks: N/A


Weight 1 kg


  • Wipe new mats with a clean wet cloth
  • Use water and minimal amount of vinegar(optional)
  • First time, some foam may appear after wiping, which is normal as this process removes the production oil layer.
  • Air it out and let it dry completely before using.
  • For maintenance, wipe with a soft wet cloth


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